These are our new project in collaboration with a talented artist Nikita Orlov.

You could see it by #battledoge, now we added to the project felitaurs and some other characters, so the new name is "Canitaurs & Felitaurs".



Partnering with "The Deck of Many" to bring cards, encounters and a fresh world to play in.

Support us on Kickstarter campaign which is going to launch on October.
We close the sale of Canitaurs, all miniatures and card deck by "The Deck of Many" for RPG 5e will be available at the Kickstarter in mid-October

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We conducted a large survey, "What kind of dogs breeds we should add to the #Canitaurs (#Battledoge)"?
More than 100 people took part in the survey.
The fight was very stubborn but won the following 4 options:
Dachshund, German shepherd, Pug, Akita, and St. Bernard.

If you want us to create a character, like your favorite breed or pet, during the campaign, you will have this opportunity.