Pi'Rats Team
pirats team
Team consists of:
  • Pi'Rat Ogre
  • Pi'Rat Lineman x5
  • Pi'Rat Blitzer x2
  • Pi'Rat Thrower x2
  • Pi'Rat Runner x4
  • Extra Lineman x2
  • Balls x2
  • Team Marker Reroll x3
Team includes 16 miniatures.

Addons pack #1 (+30 USD) include 9 miniatures (listed bellow) and Mutant Balls x2
Pi'Rats Captain; Parrot Pirate; Apothecary; Fan Opossum; Goblin Undertaker; Rat Wizard; Rat Referee; Rat Cheerleader; Goblin Water Boy

Addons pack #2 (+50 USD) include 10 miniatures (listed below): Star Player Claw; Star Player Dagger; Star Player Ball&Chain; Rat Plague Doctor; Armored Rat Ogre (Big guy); Rat Undead; Pi'Rat Rifleman; Player Ratwoman; Head&Tails Pack; body Mutant Bundle x1 body

Box options
Pi'Rats Storage Box (+10 USD), Size: 275*275*70
Pi'Rats Storage Box with Foam (+15 USD), Size: 275*275*70

Material: high quality resin
Scale: 32 mm
Miniatures are unpainted, unassembled, include bases.
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