Akita Inu – a dog committed to the shogun


Akita Inu - a dog committed to the shogun

To begin, we will tell you a little about how we came across this story. Our studio produces miniatures of characters for board games and not only.

One of our main projects is the Canitaurs miniature series for the DnD - a race called Canitaurs. Each dog character has its own class, corresponding to the lineaments of the breed, there are more than 20 of them - from the Chihuahua merchant to the Doberman knight.

As you know, all dogs are great, and, of course, all of our Canitaurs are very good boys (and girls),

but today we will speak about a particularly interesting breed of Akita Inu, which appears in the as noble samurai character.

The first version of the model

So, why did we make Akita a samurai, who is such a Dog Shogun, and why did the dogs live better than people?

Akita Inu is an authentic Japanese breed of dogs, originally bred to hunt a large beast. Later, Akita began to keep by aristocrats and even emperors as watchdogs, which was due to the large growth and strong build. Therefore, the samurai class fits this dog like no other.

The Akita Inu dog is presented to the Emperator Prince Taisho (1899).
Less historical photography

With difficulty holding back tears of emotion, we created a model, casted the first miniatures 56 mm high (and even painted) ...

First model version

... and suddenly stumbled upon the story of the Dog Shōgun.


The Dog Shōgun

It is about Tokugawa Tsunayoshi, during his reign, he issued a decree “On the prohibition of the deprivation of life of living beings”, issued in 1687, which forbade produces dogs, cats and hunted horses, under the penalty of death, and for this, he received his nickname "the Dog Shōgun".

Fan-art image of Tokugawa Tsunayoshi

Tsunayoshi's obsession with dogs, like other traits of his character, raises questions about adequacy. With numerous decrees, he endowed dogs with more rights than people. For example, any street dog should be called only as “about the Inu-sama” (“high-noble Dog”), while the violator would receive corporal punishment - beating with sticks. Once the entire population of one of the villages was executed, and the residents then tried to protect the crops from being destroyed by packs of stray dogs.

Final model

Although Tsunayoshi was a controversial ruler, we think our Сanitaur would be happy to wear the Tokugawa Coat of Arms on his armor. Therefore, we decided to revise the model, at the same time adding the ability to stand on two legs and also repainted the armor in golden colors.

This Canitaur has a detachable backside and will be able to easily accept usual anthropomorphically form. What do you think about this model?

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