Vampire Buccaneers

This team consist of
10x Thralls
6x Vampires
1x Vampire Team Marker
1x Vampire Ball
1x Vampire Reroll
Team includes 16 miniatures.

Vampire Buccaneers Addons pack (+48 USD) include 8 miniatures:
1x Vampire Coach
1x Mage + Mage Beast form
1x Plague doctor
1x Bat Coach Assistant
1x Undertaker Vamp
1x Vampire Cheerleader
1x Goblin Mascot
1x Thrall 11
1x Thrall 12

Box options
Punga Storage Box without foam (+10 USD), Size: 275*275*70 mm

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Scale: 32 mm
Material: resin
The miniature is unpainted, unassembled.
Round base included.

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