Infernal Folks

Infernal Folks Full team (19 models):
10x Chaos Halfling Hopeful
1x Chaos Halfling Catcher 1
1x Chaos Halfling Catcher 1 ver.2
1x Chaos Halfling Catcher 2
4x Chaos Halfling Hefty
2x Chaos Treeman
1x Chaos Halflings Balls x2
1x Chaos Halflings ReRoll
1x Chaos Halflings Marker

Infernal Folks Complete team (30 models):
1x Full team
1x Chaos Treeman Star Player
1x Chaos Rider Star Player
1x Chaos Halfling Coach
1x Chaos Coach Assistant
1x Chaos Halfling Cheerleader
1x Chaos Cook Star Player
1x Chaos Glutton Star Player
1x Chaos Ogre Star Player
1x Chaos Halfling Star Player
1x Chaos Demonic Apothecary
1x Chaos Halfling Chief

Scale: 32 mm
Material: plastic
Printed on 3D printer. The models are sent with supports, may retain small blemishes so may require a small amount of tidying up.
The miniature is unpainted, unassembled.
Round base included.