Iron Bulls

This team consist of
1x Minotaur
6x Dwarf Blockers
7x Hobgoblins
1x Iron Bulls Team Marker
2x Iron Bulls Ball
3x Iron BullsReroll
Team includes 16 miniatures and 6 markers

Iron Bulls Addons pack (+48 USD) include 6 miniatures:
1x Iron Bulls Coach
1x Chaos Dwarf Wizard
1x Chaos Dwarf Doctor
1x Slave Orc
1x Bull Mascot
1x Minotaur Prone/ Stunned marker

Dwarf Mutant Heads and Hands pack (+35 USD)
Contains 6 Dwarf Mutant Heads and Hands figures

Scale: 32 mm
Material: resin
The miniature is unpainted, unassembled.
Round base included.

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