Silver Wings

This team consist of
1x Bear
2x Silver wings
2x Kickers
4x Silver Blitzers
7x Silver Linemen
1x Silver Wings Team Marker
2x Silver Wings Ball
3x Silver Wings Reroll
Team includes 16 miniatures and 6 markers

Silver Wings Addons pack 1 (+48 USD) include 6 miniatures:
Ivan Coach
Silver Wings Wizard
Babushka Apothecary
Mishka mascot
Barsik Wizard Assistant
Bear Prone/ Stunned marker

Silver Wings Add-on Pack 2 (+32 USD) include 4 player miniatures
Silver Catcher 1
Silver Catcher 2
Silver Wing 3
Silver Wing 4

Scale: 32 mm
Material: resin
The miniature is unpainted, unassembled.
Round base included.