Savage Orcs

Basic Orc Team (14 models):
6x Linemen
4x Blitzers
4x Big Orcs

Black Orc Team (11 models):
6x Orcs
4x Goblins
1x Troll

Orc Full team (16 models):
7x Lineman
4x Blitzers
1x Troll
4x Big Orcs
1x Orc Balls x4
1x Orc TeamMarker
1x Orc Reroll

Orc Complete Team (26 models):
1x Orc Full team
4x Savage Goblin
3x Savage Orc Cheerleader
1x Savage Orc Coach
1x Savage Troll Doctor

Scale: 32 mm
Material: plastic
Printed on 3D printer. The models are sent with supports, may retain small blemishes so may require a small amount of tidying up.
The miniature is unpainted, unassembled.
Round base included.