Frozen Ravagers team

Frozen Ravagers (17 miniatures)
FULL undead vikings team for Fantasy Football, of 17 models!
  • North Wight x2
  • North Mummy x2
  • North Ghoul x4
  • North Zombie x7
  • North Skeleton x2

Frozen Ravagers Support Stuff (10 miniatures)
  • Frozen Wraiths x2
  • Frozen Werewolfs x2
  • Frozen Skeleton Throwers x2
  • Frozen Boars x2
  • Frozen Coach x1
  • Wulfhard Fenrir x1
  • Frozen Yeti

Frozen Ravagers Complete Set (27 miniatures)
Include both Frozen Ravagers (17 miniatures) and Frozen Ravagers Support Stuff

Scale: 32 mm
Material: resin
The models are sent with supports, may retain small blemishes so may require a small amount of tidying up.
The miniature is unpainted, unassembled.
Round base included.